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Don’t let ANYTHING hold you back!

not so great card designWant to know a secret? I’m color deficient…I know right?  Actually, I have deuteranomaly (WHAT A WORD!) My type of color deficiency is caused by my green cones not detecting enough green and I’m super sensitive to yellows, oranges and reds.  It also can be difficult for me to tell the difference between blues & purples and pinks & greys. When people find out, I always hear the question, “How do you make such beautiful cards if you are color deficient?” My response, “I just put together colors that look good to me.”

Now most of the time that works.  There have been a few occasions when it doesn’t…those are always fun! On one such day, I pull out my kits for a class and I am SO happy because I found the exact color of turquoise embroidered lace to match my cardstock and I’m super excited to show everyone. To my dismay they laugh and tell me, “not even close”.  That’s when we all laugh, and I run and grab the white ribbon to complete our cards. This is the card, feel free to laugh, the whole class did.

For my anniversary 3 years ago, my wonderful husband got me, and I quote “something even God didn’t give you…” the ability to see colors better, a pair of EnChroma glasses!  I will never forget the moment driving down the highway and realizing the highway signs aren’t grey, THEY ARE GREEN!! Best gift ever!

Back in high school, or even later, I could have used my color deficiency to hold me back and not do certain things say, “I can’t craft or scrapbook or even make cards”.  I do not let this stop me. Crafting and cardmaking makes me happy. So, I say DO IT! Whatever it is that gives you pleasure, that you think you can’t do because something may be holding you back—DO IT! Nothing should ever come between you and whatever it is that makes you happy. 

Wanting to expand my classes from in-person to teaching through our new subscription boxes is just another way for me to keep doing what I love on a larger scale.  I enjoy sharing new and old techniques and seeing how excited people get when they use their creativity. There is nothing better than that for me.

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